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Touch Screen Spectrophotometer

P911 Tablet pH Meter

P811 Touch Screen pH Meter

P711 Benchtop pH Meter

P611 Portable pH Meter

P311 Pen Type pH Meter

Touch Screen Balance

Electronic Balance

1mg Precision Balance

0.1mg Analytical Balance

TL23 Series Laboratory Turbidimeters

2100Q Portable Turbidimeter

DR900 portable datalogging colorimeter

DR300 Pocket Colorimeter

DR6000 Benchtop Spectrophotometer

DR3900 Laboratory Spectrophotometer for water analysis

DR1900 Portable Spectrophotometer

5800 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer


Gas Chromatography
     HEAS Instruments offers the most innovative and best quality products for Laboratory Instruments, Laboratory chemicals, Laboratory Reagents, Laboratory & General Glassware’s, Balances and Filtration Products for Industrial and Waste Water Applications.
     HEAS Instruments is a qualified solution for industrial laboratories. From the brands you trust find the most efficient and updated instruments along with practical supplies needed every day.
           we are one of the leading supplier for lab equipment and analytical instrumentation from top manufacturers such as ATAGO, Thermo Fisher Scientific, HANNA INSTRUMENTS, and WTW. From Balances and Centrifuges to Turbidimeters and spectrophotometers.
       We provide competitive prices and excellent customer service. With the large range of instruments available most of our educational and scientific laboratories are; PH/ORP/ISE/TEMP/TDS/EC Meters TurbidiMeters Spectrophotometers Colorimeters Stirrers, Shakers and Homogenizer Centrifuges, Ovens, Incubators and Furnaces Baths and Autoclaves
         The primary goal of HEAS Instruments is Customer satisfaction through the following objectives. We guarantee the utmost care in selecting the suppliers and their products. We dedicate our skills to Quality and Customer Satisfaction, and continuously update and improve our management technique.
           We develop a working environment with which we can prevail in the world market. We guarantee an excellent balance between price and quality. HEAS Instruments gives you all the support you need in order to understand and handle our products. Technical Support Literature Download Center Catalogue

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